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Veterinary Behavior Consultant Eric Wiese, who is the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Happy Puppy L.A..  Happy Puppy L.A. provides dog training and personalized dog care via Puppyland

Eric started his career volunteering at a local boarding kennel in St. Louis, Missouri when he was 15 years old. He continued as an apprentice for their training program and instantly fell in love with dog training. Eric went on to study Animal Behavior at Meremec College in St. Louis and shortly after started Happy Puppy Dog Training. In 2008, Eric moved to Los Angeles to further his career with hopes of shedding light on a more positive, humane, and scientific way to train dogs.  In Los Angeles, Eric worked with dogs and exotic animals alike in commercials, television and film.

In addition to Happy Puppy, Eric also devoted his time to rehabilitate dogs in need, specifically German Shepherds at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue. As a foster parent, he found great joy helping dogs that displayed fearful and/or aggressive behavior pass their temperament tests so they could be placed in a welcoming home.

Along the way, Eric came across an 8 month old German Shepherd who had some behavior issues and unfortunate history. They formed an instant bond and the shepherd was later adopted by Eric. After a rehabilitation period, the lovable shepherd, now named Archy, was playing with other dogs, rolling over for belly rubs and off-leash hiking.

Eric has had the opportunity to see this transformation in many dogs he has worked with throughout his career and has even had the chance to provide his services in the United Kingdom and France. Regardless of culture, dogs learn in the same way all over the world. He continues to learn and his only wish is that we could live more like dogs.

Eric is a Fear Free Certified Professional, a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  Eric is currently a host on the CBS series "Lucky Dog" and is a co-founder of the WRARE foundation.

Animal Behavior Specialist / Veterinary Behavior Consultant

Rashi Khanna Wiese – Operations

Rashi is a social worker with a knack for business and technology. After graduating from Boston University with her Degree in Psychology, Rashi attained her Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Southern California. There, she pursued a unique concentration focusing on mental health as well as emotional intelligence and organizational development. This concentration allowed Rashi to utilize her knowledge of behavior and psychology, implementing positive changes in the business world.

After her studies, Rashi worked in the digital and mobile advertising world for over 5 years. In 2014, Rashi met Eric and learned of Happy Puppy and the positive reinforcement training methods utilized. The logic behind these methods were similar to methods she learned throughout her studies.  As she learned more about Happy Puppy, Rashi became fascinated with dog psychology and how it could be applied to human psychology. Combining the passion for behavior and her knowledge of business operations, Rashi soon became the backbone of “Happy Puppy” (and Eric's wife!).

From strategic partnerships and marketing to social media and website design, Rashi is heavily involved in our day-to-day operations, keeping everyone connected. Through her work with Happy Puppy, Rashi hopes to positively impact the lives of animals, just as she hopes to change the lives of others through her social work. Rashi is currently a host on the CBS series "Lucky Dog" and a co-founder of the WRARE foundation.

The Happy Puppy L.A. Team


Born and raised in Tennessee, Mike cannot recall a time in his life that did not involve dogs. It started with Amos- Mike's mother adopted a Dalmatian puppy when Mike was five years old. This was Amos, and it's impossible to explain Mike's connection to dogs without talking about him. Amos was one of the main reasons he and his mother embraced a belief that has been at the core of Mike's life ever since:  that family was not and would never be a species-exclusive word.    He continued to become more involved with dogs- pet sitting around the neighborhood and dog walking. It wasn't until his senior year of high school that he became very interested in dog behavior. A special opportunity in his Ecology class offered the next step in understanding: getting to visit a small wolf pack being fostered in the Tennessee Hills around his home. During the visit, Mike finally recognized movements in the wolves that he'd been seeing in dogs for ages.  

He volunteered with the wolf pack until they were relocated. Mike also continued to study dogs on his own, but it wasn't until LA that he received the chance to really learn from them again. In 2007, he became an employee of a dog care/training facility in East LA. The job started slowly, but soon Mike was tossed into the deep end. Over the next two years, Mike learned more about body language, communication, and problem solving than he had anywhere else. Each dog presented a new lesson- the most important through-line of them all being Patience. He became involved in rescue efforts ranging from: relocation of rescue dogs to community events stressing the importance of spay and neutering  From 2009 to current, Mike applied the lessons he learned at the dog car facility to more pet sitting and walking, as well as assisting volunteers at his local shelter.

In 2012, Mike was finally introduced to Happy Puppy's positive reinforcement training- and there has never been anything else that made so much sense. He had the great fortune of shadowing Eric for a year. It reinforced ideas he already had while showing new pathways to communication. He currently specializes in the Board and Train Program- taking dogs into his home to give a tailored, one-on-one evaluation and training approach. Currently having no dogs of his own, Mike is free to adjust his environment to whatever his clients might need. While continuing to do Board and Train and Private Lessons, Mike also got his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification.  He is pursing APDT certification as well as assisting with the RESORT.  Mike has met and helped with challenges ranging from Separation Anxiety to Leash Reactivity, Potty Training to Fear Issues. Amos would be proud. ;)  


Rashi Khanna Wiese is co-owner of Happy Puppy L.A., which provides dog training and personalized dog care via Puppyland

Michael Underdown - Trainer

Jose is a biologist and has been passionate about wildlife from a young age. Throughout his course of study, Jose has volunteered, interned, and worked at various institutions educating people and caring for animals.

After completing his Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology at California State University, Northridge he went on to study abroad in Taiwan to pursue a master’s degree. Upon his return back to Southern California, he worked with exotic animals. This experience allowed him to build a connection with different species of animals as well as expand his knowledge toward providing proper nutrition and enforcing positive enrichment.

With his love for animals, Jose is eager to apply his animal care and husbandry experience with different breeds of dogs. Given the opportunity to learn and develop his skills at Happy Puppy, he hopes to foster a relationship with the staff and dogs during his aspiring journey to build a career in animal behavior. He is excited to be a member of the Happy Puppy team!

Jose Diaz - Lead Animal Care Specialist

Eric Wiese -

Sasha is a lifelong animal lover and has worked with domestics, exotics, and local wildlife in a variety of settings. This appreciation of animals grew from her childhood with the adoption of Sassy and Roxy, her beloved Calico kitten and Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. She often joined in their play and began training them at a young age. This sparked her bond with animals and fueled her passion to make a difference for as many animals as possible.

Through high school, Sasha began fostering from West Valley Animal Shelter and joined the ASPCA to help socialize scared, nervous and aggressive dogs. She also rehabilitated sick or injured birds and small mammals at the California Wildlife Center. During her time at UC Davis, Sasha developed technical skills at Davis Small Animal Hospital and livestock handling skills on campus. After college, she followed her passion to Thailand and became an Exotic Animal Care Team Leader. From these roles, she deepened her understanding of animal behavior, training and nutrition and experienced firsthand how these factors contribute to their overall well-being.

After returning to California, Sasha sought out more ways to positively impact the world of animal care. 15 years later, she is still committed to helping our local shelters and rescues from Ventura to Long Beach. Now as part of the Happy Puppy team, Sasha is excited for the opportunity to continue caring for and shaping the growth of dogs of all kinds while learning about humane and ethical practices.

Sasha Singhaseni  - Animal Care Specialist

Our amazing Los Angeles dog training & care team

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Jeff has had dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and most recently became a fur parent to his rescue puppy from South Korea.

Jeff has always been interested in animal care and is passionate about the well-being of animals. He has volunteered at various shelters and has worked with animals for a number of years. Jeff has learned the basic aspects of caring for animals, how to handle the ins and outs of Animal Rescue, and how animals, in particular, rescue dogs, can react to humans and the environment.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys outings with his family, going to concerts and sporting events, and spending time with his rescue puppy, Winter.  Jeff looks forward to continuing his education and gaining knowledge in dog training .

Jeff Pepper - Animal Care Specialist

Ashley originally moved to LA in '09 to study theatre, but in '14 decided to switch careers. She had always had a passion for saving animals so she was thrilled to be on the opening team at the Adopt & Shop in Culver City! This was a unique type of pet store that adopted out dogs and cats that all came from high-kill shelters.

Through the years she worked at different animal related jobs including being a vet assistant, doggie daycare crew, an adoption manager at a shelter, and even worked at two different cat rescues! (Fun fact she even did a few years at Disney in a leadership role!) Ashley also has experience fostering multiple litters of kittens and puppies. She has even helped a few dog and cat moms give birth! She is also a very reputable pet sitter.

Ashley currently has three dogs and a cat that she shares with her husband. She is so incredibly HAPPY to be working at Happy Puppy and to share her experiences with all of the great dogs that come in!

Ashley De Silva - Animal Care Specialist