Recommended Products


Neakasa P2 Pro Dog Grooming Vacuum

An all-in-one at home grooming kit. This is intuitive and easy to use.  This product can help grooming be a less stressful experience for your dog as you can groom within the comfort of your own home. Major bonus is that there is no mess!  

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Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Finally, an innovative dog crate that is safe, functional AND looks great. There are so many things to love about this crate- simple to assemble/collapse, wheels and handle for easy transport/storage, a top hatch (quick access to place food/water inside), a garage style side door, and most importantly, NO pinched fingers or paws.  We have 5 of these crates for our rescue pups and they beautifully match our modern aesthetics.

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High Anxiety Dog Crate

Impact Dog Crate

These strong, aluminum crates are our go-to for high anxiety cases.  What's especially great is that they have a lifetime warranty! We use both their Collapsible crates (very lightweight) and the High Anxiety crates for our Belgian Malinois (Enzo) and our German Shepherd (Arthur).  The crates help our dogs have a comfortable place to rest and we have peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure with the multiple safety latches.

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Dog Carrier

K9 Sport Sack

These backpacks are our favorite! We use them for hiking, bike riding, long walks... you name it.  We love the Sport Sack Air 2 and find it extremely comfortable and functional.

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Dog Harness

Easy Walk Harness

This is a great training tool to utilize if your dog pulls on leash. The deluxe version can reduce chafing. Get it here

Freedom Harness

Get it from Amazon

 Dog Toys


We stock up on the dog chew joys. Dogs love these!
Adult Dogs - Amazon
Puppies - Puppy Pack from Amazon


Happy Puppy L.A. recommends Benebone dog bones when it comes to dog toys. You can purchase Benebone from the Happy Puppy L.A. Amazon store!
Happy Puppy L.A. recommends the K9 Sports Sack for dog adventures, including hiking!

All of our recommendations are items we personally love and use for our own dogs and the dogs in our care. We do our best to stay up-to-date with industry leading products and when we can, we pass along exclusive discounts to you.

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**Please note these are just general recommendations; if you have a specific circumstance or would like more details on the suggested items, please contact us. - find a customized list of our most recommended products for puppies and adult dogs on

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